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The only type of zebra that can be hunted is the Burchells zebra. This type of zebra can be distinct of the other zebra types (Hartmann, Mountain en Grevy) because it has brown stripes besides the characteritic black-white stripes.



Zebras are mostly steppe and savannah animals, although they are strong enough to live at great heights, up to 4000 metres. They avoid real dry areas. The various zebra types live in the wildlife from southern Africa up to the north east of Africa. in countries like South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Ethiopia and even in Sudan. South African farmers in the cape provinces buy more and more living zebras to attract tourists to their farms. This also helps the number of Burchell zebras to grow steadily.



Zebras are absolutely not tamed animals, so breeding like we do in Europe is out of the question. Still, we can say that South African zebras are farmed. They are however no real tamed animals and need a lot of space.



Hunting takes place at game farms that have a surplus of stallions. This is simply because stallions do not give birth to calfs and eat food that is scarse anyway. The ideal rate of a secured area of about 100 hectare is 1 stallion on/at 4 to 5 mares. The extra stallions count for the only supply of zebra meat.

Zebras are hunted in the South African game season. The only trophy zebras have is their skin. The skin is tanned a very beautiful decoration. As zebras are being hunted for their skin, why not trade their beautiful meat as well



Many antelope meat lovers think zebra meat is very delicous. Therefore it is strange that South Africans, both the white and black population, do not share this view. Maybe it is because Europeans eat horse meat as well and South Africans do not? One thing is a fact: even the great chefs who have prepared this meat think is it very delicious.


Europe mainly imports back and haunch parts. If anyone should be interested in other parts these can be imported as South Africans do not eat shoulders, neck and other zebra meat. The available zebra parts are back fillet, tenderloin, 4 cuts, deboned shoulder and neck


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